White Orchid


How would you like to surprise your loved ones with white orchid arrangements, one of the most popular ornamental plants? HdPicturesOf.com white orchid bouquet or potted orchids add a sophisticated sophistication to any environment they are in, and become the centerpiece of special day celebrations. Creating an exotic atmosphere with its flowers that seem to float in the air, the white orchid is also an elegant symbol of beauty. With HdPicturesOf.com single or double branch white orchid arrangements, you can add an undeniable form to your birthday celebration, new job greeting or eternal love message.

It likes bright environments, but should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

It can be watered 1-2 times a week.

It needs high humidity.

It does not contain toxic substances.

Height: 50-55 cm

Useful Information About Your Plant

  • Petite imported orchid species grow well in sun-exposed but not direct sunlight areas. A bright window side will be the most suitable living space for them.
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Easy Care Phalaenopsis Orchid Flower

Orchids, which form the largest family of flowering plants with more than 25 thousand species, are generally grown as houseplants. Wild orchid flowers, seen almost everywhere in the world, are known as difficult-to-grow flowers due to their need for filtered light and high relative humidity. However, you can easily grow many different species as houseplants, such as the moth orchid called Phalaenopsis Orchid. Among the popular gift ideas of Hdpicturesof.com, it is enough to water the white orchid flowers in pots twice a week by spraying them or to wet their roots with water. You can increase the flowering rate by placing your orchids, which love light and night breeze, in front of an open window, especially in summer. Orchids tend to bloom longer than many other ornamental plants, allowing you to enjoy beautiful and vibrant flowers for a long time with little effort.

Meaning of Orchid Flower
The Orchid family (Orchidaceae) takes its name from the Greek word orchis, meaning testis. The ancient Greek botanist Theophrastos thought that the plump tubers under the ground resembled testicles and named the plant an orchid. The ancient Greeks believed that orchids were symbols of sexual power and fertility. The Aztecs create a delicious potion from orchids, which they believed to increase strength and stamina. Over time, orchids become a delicate symbol of luxury, splendor and fine taste. Orchids, which have attracted special attention since ancient times, mean love, beauty, fertility, purity, delicacy and attraction. Arrangements made with white orchids and mixed roses, ‌liliums or lavender branches in the vase combine different meanings with the rich meaning world of the white orchid. You can immediately share the fascinating look of Hdpicturesof.com arrangements, which include options such as double branches in a stone pot or a single branch white orchid in a vase, with your loved ones.

Ceremonial Flower White Orchid
The white orchid flower has a simple elegance that no other flower can provide. These delicate plants make ideal arrangements for weddings that create a romantic atmosphere. You can especially prefer white orchid flowers for impressive environment decorations. You can set the stage with Hdpicturesof.com white orchid arrangements to create an elegant reception for a special ceremony or opening. In funerals, white orchids have a deep meaning for those who suffer the loss of a loved one. White orchids turn into a symbol of the endless love you feel after your loss. Expressing that you share the pain of a relative, the white orchid arrangement conveys your condolences simply and deeply.

Anniversary Flower White Orchid
Few things in the world come close to the beauty and grace of orchids. Delicate white orchids add elegance to the emotional decor of the setting you are preparing for your anniversary. Combining respect and humility with artistic splendor, white orchids are becoming one of your favorite choices as an anniversary flower. The anniversary flower, the white orchid, has the ability to reflect the power of pure love. Hdpicturesof.com’s popular pot arrangements are the detail that completes the magic of maturity. You can complete your order of white orchid, an ornamental plant that offers joy and sadness, simplicity and luxury, beauty and power, with Hdpicturesof.com fast delivery. You can capture the strong expression of the most sensitive feelings with Hdpicturesof.com affordable white orchid arrangements and reduce the distance between you and your loved ones.

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